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August 5, 2006
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Roy Shower scene??? by Reika2 Roy Shower scene??? by Reika2
so yeah! If Arakawa-sensei won't give us a Roy shower scene... I'LL GIVE ONE TO US!! XDDDDD don't worry... I'll do more... (in)decent one when I have more time, I can only do this at work,lol
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Reika2 Aug 19, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha XD So great!! :p
Reika2 Aug 19, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
rrrrrooooyyyy!!!!! mine!mine! *snatches roy out of shower and runs of with him* mwuahahahahaha! i have kidnaped roy and if you want him back... wait no... he's mine now!!! mwahahahahahahaha!!!!

Riza Hawkeye :silentkitty:
Reika2 Aug 11, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
ha!!! he's RIZA's!!! And I slept with him tonight.... *takes her plushie and hugs it protectively*
i know riza is in my head.... excuse her crazyness she's just another dumb spaz.... shut up silver!!! im not just another dumb spaz im also a host for personalities..... huuh, colonel leave silver be no drinking contests!.... but luetenant..... no buts, do ur work... but i dont wanna!... sir! now! *holds roy at gun point*....well, anyway there you have it roy riza and well you got to meet silver..... no taco put that down! taco ur gonna... TACO!!!!..... i have to go deal with taco now she's... *you hear from afar* put that back! gotta run now bye!

angela, silver, riza, roy and taco.....
Reika2 Aug 12, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
hahaha nice to meet you all! XD
well, i'll have everyone say hello..... hold on.... oh, and i say hi *waves* -angela
hello there, i really enjoy looking at your art your very talented. -riza
hi.... wtf? -roy
..... dont take this as me being nice im at gun point so hi.....- silver
TACO! silvers crazy... AHHHH! noooo!!! he's going to eat me now!!!*runs to room and hides* -taco
woof! -black hayate
hi, im just visiting but shes having visiters say hello too... -visiter raphiel (riza and silver's freind)
raf.- visiter hunter raphiels big white dog/wolf mix.
hello, hey silver wait up i want some sake too don't drink it all!!!! -raziel *werewolf form currently*
oro? hello reika2-donno.-kenshin
helllooo!!!!- visiters kaoru, yahiko, sano, and megumi all at once (kenshin's freinds)
hi.- visiter sharpshot (riza's freind)
hello there you seem nice.... like the pics :D - visiter shadow (riza's freind)
hi!!!-visiters havoc, falman, breda, feury, and armstrong (well, roy and riza's freinds and ed too i guess....)
hmm? oh hi sry im busy ttyl. -edward (tis reading on philosopher stone i think i spelled that wrong... oh well)
lots of them ne? it's gettin crowded today.... -angela

Riza Hawkeye :silentkitty:
Reika2 Aug 14, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
oh! HELLO MINNA-SAN!!! I'll present you my personalities too:

Me- Hello minna! thank you for reading! ^^ I hope you enjoy it
Reika: IT!! <--she's too old, she loves to say the last word of every sentence
Reika: sentence!!! -ence!
Me: Reika.....
Reika: ka!
Me: aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!
Reika: aaaah...... ah.
Me: ah!!! az4ever say something!
az4ever: Leave me alone, I'm watching tv, the xfiles is about to start, woooooh!!!!!! Pat got slayers!!!! byeeeeeeeeee
Me: But az4ever......... T_T...... Dai, say something
Dai: *Sleeping*..........
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